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Quotes We did a take-out meal Saturday night and our normal faves - buttered chicken and shahi Paneer were as delicious as usual.. but the carrot and zucchini fritters were outstanding - please, please, please add these to the menu! Quotes
Cati VanVeen
Saffron mega fan

Quotes You are the best. Quotes

Quotes Thanks for our awesome dinner tonight! Eggplant and chicken curry were delicious!!!! Quotes
Jo-Anne Stanley

Quotes I have been to Saffron 3 times now and can't wait to go back next week. The food is so flavourful, so fresh, so creative and absolutely delicious!! (Not to mention reasonably priced). Exotic says it all. You may never need to go past the daily special to find your selection. Breakfast was incredible!!! I will be trying EVERYTHING!!! Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes Best Food in Bruce County. Everything is incredibly yummy but my Favorite is SHAHI PANEER. It's so good and fresh. Dev(Chef) is a genius. He even makes OREO from scratch for the cakes. Sunday breakfast is to DIE FOR.........So good HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Quotes
Kanishk Sharma

Quotes Visited Saffron by recommendation of a friend "They have really great food - from all parts of the world" Wow! were we delighted! First impression was, eek, I don't think it's licensed, but that disappointment did not last long. The food was intoxicating!! I am not joking! It woke up all the senses! Every item on the menu was appealing to me and it was difficult to choose. We started with Russian Potatoe and Dill soup, again, wow, then I had the Thai Curry - spiced to perfection with just enough heat for me. We took a piece of cake home with us - I saved a sliver of it to have with my coffee this morning. AMAZING! Cant wait to go back and try another dish. Thanks Dave for the recommendation! Oh - and can't forget to mention the energy in our waitress! she is the owner - Sooooo much passion about what she is doing. Impressive indeed! Go local! Go small business! Support your team (community) :) Quotes
New frequent customer

Quotes We've been to Saffron three times now and are convinced that this is one of the best restaurants in the whole area! The incredible combination of flavours, and the friendliness of the personnel is second to none! And to think that all of these meals are made from scratch! We can't believe how reasonable the prices are, and we thoroughly recommend a visit to this restaurant. Believe me, you'll be going back - again and again! Quotes
Alan Steed

Quotes The Chai is always ready, and Jenn is very attentive. And; It is difficult to describe all the great flavors of everything we had. Their attention to detail is amazing. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for making entertaining family and friends to easy. And always having the extra dessert to go home after a Sunday brunch is just the best. Quotes
Nancy Blacklock
?How do you describe such a great restaurant?!?

Quotes Saffron is the best food around! We go weekly and the daily specials are always a nice treat. There isn't even enough to be said about the desserts!! Yum! Not to mention how kind and enthusiastic Jen is about her food. We are so grateful that they make us food once a week. Quotes
Chelsea & Greg

Quotes We were visiting the area for a few days and stumbled upon this gem of a restaurant through the Port Elgin website. It's a treat on multiple levels, from the surprising and welcoming back patio, the attentive, informed and speedy service (Jenn) and of course the delicious menu choices. The portions were generous and reasonably priced. We would recommend this establishment wholeheartedly to anyone looking for eclectic international cuisine. We'll definitely be back when we are in the area. Thank you and keep up the good work! Quotes
Linda, Colin and Nick Guenther
First Timers
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