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Hope you enjoyed your experience at Saffron

Quotes Grew up in Port Elgin but now living in Hamilton was very excited to see an international restaurant finally in my hometown. Had the excited pleasure of trying Saffron over the holiday season and ordered the cuban pulled pork wrap. I was blown away buy the flavour of the wrap, I also thoroughly enjoyed the chick pea salad that came with it. I also really liked the sauce that was drizzled on the plate......I think that sauce should become part of the wrap. I look forward to coming in and ordering food again in the near future. Quotes
Caitlyn B.
Happy Customer

Quotes Pad Thai, Honey Chicken, Cuban Pulled Pork, Morrocan Orange Cake. Very Rare, that everything that we tried last nite was new to us, but received an Enthusiastic thumbs up. Thanks for the pleasant surprise. Keep up the good work! Quotes
Pleasantly Surprised

Quotes Can't wait to come back. First visit today Dec. 20--must really say first of many to come. We had two spiciest items on menu and enjoyed both thoroughly. Will be working our way through the entire menu in the future. Although I am a devoted carnivore, I'll even try the meatless dishes just for the exotic flavours. About time we had someplace in Port Elgin with such well-prepared exotic dishes, great service and reasonable prices. Quotes
The Gilberts
Can't wait

Quotes Love, love, love the food at Saffron!!! My two favorites are the Chick Pea Doubles and the African Peanut Stew which is just wonderful. The servings are so generous that i always have left overs - and the chick pea doubles are really, really good re-heated in the oven the next day! I am delighted to have such a wonderful spot to dine in Port Elgin. The restaurant is not fancy but is clean and comfortable with outstanding staff - a welcome addition to the community for sure. Quotes
Kim Yardy
very satisfied diner

Quotes I've been lucky enough to have eaten at Saffron several times and am more than half way through the lunch/diner menu. Everything has been delicious, and my only complaint is that I clean my plate every time, rather than keeping some for yummy left-overs! The new Spring Rolls are devine. Great service and great food! Quotes
Flavour devotee

Quotes Have now tried the entire dinner menu and everything is delicious. Looking forward to making it in for some breakfast soon. Quotes

Quotes Love this new eatery! The decor is pleasing and the fresh food on the menu is amazing. I tried the Mexican Beef Wrap and it was delicious. Just the right amount of artful and mouthwatering spices used made this my new favorite. The staff is knowledgeable and very courteous. I will definitely be a return customer and will highly recommend this restaurant to all my friends. Kudos to Jen, Sonny, Dev and Mona. Quotes
Rose D.
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes I'm about halfway through the menu and I've yet to find anything that I don't like. Some great international flavours, with just the right amount of spice. There is no other restaurant in the area that can compare. Quotes
Happy customer

Quotes We found out about this new restaurant at the Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce, and decided to give it a try. Where were you all our lives? We had the Cuban Pulled Pork Wrap, the Thai Green Coconut Curry, and the West African Peanut Stew, and all of us were more than impressed! We dine out in Toronto quite a bit, usually visiting ethnic restaurants for authentic taste, and we agreed that every dish could hold its own and then some in comparison to the establishments in Toronto. And the very reasonable prices and generous portions were a really pleasant surprise. Served by the pleasant staff after just a short wait - even though almost all the tables were occupied - it was one of the best dining experiences for us. We look forward to returning many more times to taste all the exciting dishes. Congratulations to all the staff. Quotes
Excited customer

Quotes AMAZING!! I had the Mexican Beef Wrap, and tried my friend's Cuban Pulled Pork Wrap, both came with an asian slaw salad. Everything was so delicious! This is my new favorite restaurant! Congratulations, and I'm SOO excited to have your restaurant open in town :) Quotes