Breakfast Served Sundays (9:00-1:00ish)

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*Our meat is NOT halal!


Caribbean Banana-Lime French Toast $13

 -three slices of homemade banana bread dipped in egg, grilled up and topped with toasted coconut, a lime and bananas flambeed in a warm brown sugar and rum glaze; it is simply to die for – be hungry for something sweet!



Iranian Herbed Frittata $13

Iranian Herbed Frittata $14 – this baked Persian egg dish is full of fresh herbs like parsley, dill & cilantro (it has a lovely green colour!), and walnuts; this tasty and nutritious breakfast is served topped with mint yogurt; with our home fries 

(Vegetarian  Dairy free with no yogurt. Gluten free. )


Ukrainian Pierogi $15

-four homemade Eastern European pierogi (they take hours to make!) stuffed with mashed potatoes (made with cheese, garlic and a touch of nutmeg) and fried until crispy; served with sautéed onions, chopped chorizo sausage, two eggs-your-way and sour cream on the side

(Vegetarian with no sausage, extra pierogi.)


Bollywood “Benedict” $15

-not your typical eggs benedict, this in-house invention consists of English muffins topped with peameal bacon (or fried paneer) and poached eggs; all of it is then smothered in our fragrant Indian spiced tomato sauce; served with home fries

(Vegetarian with paneer - pressed Indian cheese. Gluten free with gluten-free English muffin +$1.)


Mexican Bean Omelette $14

-creamy black beans cooked with an array of delicious Mexican spices (cumin, coriander powder, etc.), and corn, then stuffed in a three-egg omelette with cheddar cheese; served topped with a delicious tomato –cumin salsa and cilantro; it comes with home fries

(Vegetarian.  Gluten free.  Dairy free with no cheese).


Greek Pancakes $13

-two huge made-from-scratch pancakes fried on the griddle and served topped with thick, delicious yogurt, honey and walnuts; a sprinkling of cinnamon completes this classic breakfast – quite possibly the best pancakes we’ve had!