Please see the homepage for daily features, and for reservation and take-out protocol! Please note: our meat is NOT halal. 

Caribbean Banana-Lime French Toast $15 – three slices of homemade banana bread dipped in egg, grilled up and topped with toasted coconut, a lime wedge and bananas flambeed in a warm brown sugar & rum glaze; sweet and delicious!


Iranian Herbed Frittata $14 – this baked Persian egg dish is full of fresh herbs like parsley, dill & cilantro (it has a lovely green colour!) and walnuts; it is served topped with mint yogurt and with a side of our tasty home fries

(Vegetarian.  Dairy-free without yogurt.  Gluten free).

Ukranian Pierogi $16– four homemade Eastern European pierogi stuffed with mashed potatoes (made with cheese, onions, garlic and a touch of nutmeg) and fried until crispy; served with sauteed onions, chopped grilled chorizo sausage, two eggs-your-way and sour cream on the side!

(Vegetarian without sausage, extra pierogi instead). 

Bollywood “Benedict” $16 – not your typical eggs benedict, the English muffin is topped with peameal bacon (or fried paneer) and poached eggs and is then smothered in our fragrant Indian spiced tomato sauce (cream, butter, garam masala, cumin, fenugreek, coriander, etc.); served with our famous home fries 

(Vegetarian with paneer – pressed Indian cheese.  Gluten-free with a GF English muffin +$1.50).

Mexican Bean Omelette $15 – creamy black beans cooked with corn and an array of delicious Mexican spices (cumin, coriander, paprika, etc.); it is stuffed into a three-egg omelette with cheddar cheese and served topped with a delicious warm tomato-cumin salsa and fresh cilantro; served with home fries

(Vegetarian.  Gluten-free.  Dairy-free without cheese).

Greek Pancakes $14 – two huge made-from-scratch pancakes fried on the griddle and served topped with thick Balkan yogurt, honey, walnuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon – quite possibly the best pancakes ever!