Dinner Served Wednesday to Saturday (4:00-8:00)

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*Our meat is NOT halal!


Moroccan Chicken and Vegetables $18

-a smoky and savoury roasted eggplant and vegetable stew (zucchini, carrots, bell peppers, etc)., simmered in a hearty tomato-based sauce with chicken breast, hints of cumin, cinnamon and lemon; served with couscous and cooling mint yogurt

(Vegetarian version $14.  Vegan without the yogurt.  Gluten free with rice instead of couscous.)


Indian Butter Chicken or Shahi Paneer $17

-one of India’s finest exports (Sunny is #1), the chicken (or cubes of fresh cheese - paneer) is browned and served in an aromatic tomato sauce with many Indian spices and ground cashews; served with rice and warm homemade naan bread grilled with butter

(Shahi paneer vegetarian.  Gluten free with extra rice or gluten-free tortilla +$1.)


Mexican Beef Wrap $19

-juicy beef brisket braised in-house in our special bold sauce (too many spices to list!), shredded and wrapped up in a tortilla with grated cheddar, lettuce and tomatoes; served with our house chick pea salad and sour cream;  a drool-worthy and spicy treat!

(Dairy free with no cheese or sour cream. Gluten free over rice +$3 or with gluten-free tortilla +$1.)


West African Peanut Stew $15

-served over rice, this incredibly flavourful stew combining sweet, salty and savoury is made with sweet potatoes, kidney beans, mild spices and fresh roasted peanuts; it is topped with cilantro; one of Jenn’s personal recommendations!

(Vegan.  Gluten free.)


Thai Green Coconut Curry $15

-this classic spicy dish is a must try; chicken and vegetables (broccoli, mushrooms, bell peppers, baby corn and zucchini) simmered in a fragrant coconut curry sauce with hints of lime, ginger and green chilies; served with steamed rice; topped with cilantro- scrumptious!

(Vegan without chicken.  Gluten free.)


Trinidadian Chick Pea Doubles (Chole Bhature) $15

-chick peas and potatoes cooked with almost a dozen delicious spices and served on top of one of Dev’s hot-out-of-the-fryer homemade roti/bhature (bread); you get another piece folded on top to sop up the sweet and spicy fusion; homemade mango chutney, tomatoes and cucumbers come on the side of this classic street food

(Vegan.  Gluten free with rice or gluten free tortilla +$1.)


Cuban Pulled Pork Wrap $19

 -the pork cooks for sixteen hours low and slow with cumin. lime, oregano, orange juice and many other spices; it is pulled apart and wrapped up with fresh mango salsa; served with our house chick pea  salad– yum!

(Dairy-free.  Gluten free over rice +$3 or with gluten-free tortilla +$1.)


Lebanese Falafel Wrap $15

 -three crunchy homemade spiced chick pea fritters wrapped up with our own smoky baba ghanouj (eggplant puree) in a tortilla with crispy lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and mint yogurt; it comes with our house chick pea apple salad – a true Middle Eastern meal

(Vegan without yogurt.  Gluten free with gluten-free tortilla +$1 or with lettuce, tomatoes, etc.  all on side.)


Pad Thai $17

-this classic dish is too good to miss; rice noodles cooked in a homemade sweet and sour tamarind sauce with chicken, ginger, garlic and green onions; topped with fried eggs, chopped cilantro, a lime wedge and toasted peanuts

(Dairy free.  Gluten free.)