Sunday June 23rd (9:00-1:00ish)

For a take-out order or reservation call  519-832-9121 :)  It's all day breakfast today!

Lebanese Stuffed Breakfast "Crepe" $18
A homemade spongy flatbread made with a mix of spelt flour and white flour that is cooked similarly to a crepe.  It is then stuffed with a white bean-garlic-walnut hummus and scrambled eggs with kale, mushrooms, bell peppers, broccoli and onions.  Topped with a delicious yogurt-herb sauce (with zaatar, which is a spice mix made with thyme, sumac, cumin and sesame seeds) and homemade crumbled white cheese.  Served with homefries. 
(Vegetarian. Contains walnuts, dairy and gluten).