Wednesday October 28th (4:00-8:00)

Call 519-832-9121 any time after 1:30 for a take-out order!  The regular menu is all available, as well as the features below!

Covid-19 Take-Out Protocol: For our dinner service, you can call 519-832-9121 any time after 1:30 to place your take-out order (after 8:30 on Sundays for breakfast).  The regular menu is all available, plus daily features listed below.  Come on into the restaurant to pay and pick up!  Order pick-up times are spaced 5 minutes apart.  For those who are concerned, we offer a no-contact pick-up & pay option.  Cash is accepted!

**Important Note** we are only going to be offering take-out for the foreseeable future, which means there will be no reservations or dine-ins. This was NOT an easy decision to make (we truly miss serving), but we are more like a family kitchen than a typical restaurant.  With major staffing changes that have taken place recently, deteriorating weather that makes patio season too unpredictable, a very small dining area in which we'd have to drastically cut capacity due to covid-19 restrictions, rising covid-19 cases, and Dev's health journey requiring time off in the near future, it makes sense for Jenn to move full-time to the kitchen, and for us to reduce our stress by keeping a consistent, predictable plan in place.  Moving to take-out only is the best way to address these issues and to ensure we stay as creative as possible - we love feeding you! :) As we see what the pandemic situation is like by January 1st, we will re-assess our plans.  Thank you so much for your understanding and patience and we hope you can continue to support us this fall and winter. WE LOVE YOU!

Mediterranean Green Lentil $7
Delicious!  Thyme, bay leaves, celery, marjoram, carrots, fresh parsley, green lentils, tomato paste and vegetable stock in this classic hearty soup!
(Vegan. Gluten and dairy free).

Special Side Dish:
Persian Jeweled Rice $5
We had some of this leftover, and it is way too tasty to waste!  Rice cooked with currants, olive oil, dried cranberries, orange peel, pistachios, saffron, caramelized onions, sliced potatoes, and julienned fried carrots.  We are serving it warm (feeds 1-2 depending on what you eat it with).  If you won't be eating it until later, let us know and we'll keep it cold so it doesn't dry out on you!
(Vegan.  Gluten and dairy free).

Hot Drink:
Chai! $3
Yes, we are offering our chai to go (a milky tea made with cardamom and ginger). We have take out cups and cardboard holders available so you can carry your drinks out. :)

Cold Drinks:
Lemon, Grapefruit or Blood Orange San Pellegrino $3
Perrier $3
Nestea Iced Tea $2.50
Coke, Soda Water, Canada Dry Gingerale, Sprite, A&W Root Beer, Diet Coke $3

Indian Aloo Gobi Matar $19
Always a favourite here!  Roasted cauliflower, potatoes and peas cooked in a delicious sauce (it's not a dry curry) made with tomatoes, ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, coriander, bay leaves, mustard seeds, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, turmeric, fenugreek, curry leaves, green chilies, toasted coconut, Kashmiri chilis, etc.  It is served topped with a dollop of raita (yogurt done with garam masala, red onions, tomatoes and cucumbers) homemade naan and basmati rice on the side!  Amazingly aromatic, and meat-eaters will still be very full eating it!
(Vegetarian.  Vegan without the yogurt.  Gluten free with no naan or a GF tortilla for +$1).

1 of 2: Polish-Style Stuffed Crepes $10
Jenn has no words about how good this is - it went over so well last week that we made more.  Two homemade crepes rolled up and stuffed with a smooth filling of cream cheese, cottage cheese, lemon zest, and sugar.  Drizzled with a homemade blueberry sauce and served warm!  Definitely big enough to split.
(Contains gluten, eggs and dairy).

 2 of 2: Alpine Almond Cake $10
Every element of this is made from scratch. A shortcrust bottom topped with almond Bavarian cream, a layer of choux pastry (a light, fluffy pastry), vanilla chiboust cream and it's then topped with another layer of choux pastry and sprinkled with icing sugar.  Huge and ridiculously delicious! 
(Contains dairy, egg and almonds).