We serve internationally diverse cuisine right here in Saugeen Shores!  Our aim is to have a smaller menu of made-from-scratch items that come from different parts of the world - and yes, we add our own twist! We offer efficient, friendly service with staff who are knowledgeable about not only the food, but various dietary restrictions. We have many gluten-free and dairy-free options, we cater to vegans and vegetarians and if you have a specific allergy we try our best to work around it! We can also suggest which meals are less spicy. And don't worry, if you eat it all we can definitely help you there!

In terms of  atmosphere, picture a causal, quirky spot rather than a fine dining establishment with a lot "ambiance". We have converted an old 50s breakfast diner into an international restaurant - expect black and white tile floors, red tables, bright colours and a laid-back mood with worldly knick-knacks about.  While we are indeed located in a rather drab strip mall that one almost misses, we have a fantastic outdoor patio that is in the back of the restaurant which offers a relaxing and personal dining experience for our customers (and some may be lucky enough to meet Chester, our resident chipmunk!)  The patio is shaded and wonderfully green in the summer.

We do not have a liquor license so plan ahead! This has not been a problem for us so far - people repeatedly tell us they come for the food, but I would just like to mention it for those who like some wine or beer with a meal.

Our clientele is very diverse and we love that! Whether you show up covered in drywall dust or in your finest tuxedo, we'll serve you just the same - there is no dress code.  We cater to different age groups ranging from small children who like ketchup with everything to Grandma who surprises us by asking for something extra spicy! 

We recommend reservations as we seem to be getting busier and busier. Take-out is a popular option - check the website for daily specials (listed on the homepage.)  Please call as early as possible for either take-out or reservations as slots book up quickly.

We look forward to serving you and if you have any other questions call us at 519-832-9121. See you soon!


Saffron's crew is small but mighty!  The two owners, Dev and Jenn, have various experiences in the restaurant and business world.  They are committed and passionate, and while not perfect, get along as well as they can in the fast-paced and chaotic kitchen!  They couldn't possibly do it without the help of their amazing and enthusiastic staff.  Linda, Jenn's mom, helps out front answering the phone, keeping everything clean and pouring drinks.  Jeni works the line, and we are consistently amazed at how calm and efficient she is.  Steven cracks jokes to keep us motivated and Thomas' impersonations are hilarious.  Past staff - Rhys, Lloyd, Justin, Callum and Alex - all visit occasionally (we miss you!) and Sunny, an original owner and Jenn's partner, helps out from time-to-time.